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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.26.08

*** Highlights from the basketball win over Bama – my favorites being Quan Prowell’s tomahawk jam, Frank Tolbert’s Jedi pass to Rasheem Barrett after getting the ball stripped from him, and Lucas Hargrove’s suck-it bucket from 35 ft. out.

*** No Guarantee: Just prior to learning of an even more recent arrest of one of his football players, Alabama coach Nick Saban, in an interview with Kevin Scarbinsky, said that Tide player Jeremy Elder, accused of robbing two fellow Alabama students at gun-point, would be banned from any and all football related activity at the Capstone… for at least one year. Scarbinsky appears to be impressed with Saban’s pre-trial sentencing of Elder and seems to shape the piece so as to herald, 8 arrests after his arrival, Saban’s new zero-tolerance policy for criminality:

“No meetings, practices or games. No football-related activities at all. And no guarantee he’ll ever suit up for Alabama again.”

Only thing is, it seems unlikely any edict from Saban would have anything to with it.

This is not some victim-less DUI charge — Elder has been charged with, and reportedly confessed to committing, a Class A Felony, which, when committed with a firearm, carries a punishment in the state of Alabama of “not less than 20 years.”

If Saban is open to the possibility of Elder’s innocence, even in light of his confession — and judging from later quotes in Scarbinsky’s piece, I doubt that — but is preemptively giving him the “at least a year” treatment to look tough for the media, well, that’s kinda screwed up. Is he unaware of the magnitude of Elder’s situation? For 26 bucks, the kid will likely be locked up for several, several years and therefore quite unable to play college football next year, the year after that, and the year after that.

Or is it that Saban is counting on a far lesser punishment for Elder, who is only 19, if his attorney wins him youthful offender status? If so, does that mean that, by the sole virtue of a technicality in the legal language, someone like Elder, after all this, could still have a place on Nick Saban’s football team?

Am I missing something, or is Saban?

We shall hopefully find out at this afternoon – the Nicktator has called a press-conference.

*** More vigorous urging to vote for a certain someone from testosterone-rich TWER reader Michael Ingram (thanks Michael):

As any living-breathing digitally-aware testosterone-rich man-child knows, EA Sports owns the wildly successful “Madden NFL” game franchise. This game is played on just about every platform – from PS to XP. But for those of us southern-bred, hard-core college football fans who hold at least a moderate pustule of venom in our heart of hearts for professional football, we secretly prefer the “NCAA” version of this popular franchise which features college teams.
EA Sports moved carefully into the new platform arena of Nintendo Wii with only Madden NFL. The Wii features a dynamic motion-sensitive controller that favors user-action over frenetic button-mashing. The Wii console is made famous by the legendary reports of over-excited folks flinging their “Wii-motes” through their television screens during game play. Madden for Wii is played through motions which simulate passing, tackling, and spinning.
Alas, for the hard-core college fan, there is no NCAA-version featuring the opportunity to sack Tebow, or replay the 2007 AU-GA Black Death.
But hold on, sports fans! EA Sports has just announced plans to release the NCAA franchise on Wii. But the really exciting news is that they are looking for a mascot – one mascot – to feature on the cover of every single game. So, while the long-lasting NCAA franchise (reaching back to the late 90’s) has never featured an Auburn icon, now there is a chance to promote Auburn’s best-known: AUBIE.
Follow this link, and vote daily for AUBIE:
War Damn Eagle!!

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.11.08

*** Top 10 Reasons It’s Awesome at Auburn Basketball games:

10) Easy spotting of Auburn luminaries.

9) You can walk on the court after the game as long as you look official / really tall.

8 ) You can pretty much sit wherever you want.

7) Aubie lets loose in ways he can’t at football games, e.g. sliding ten feet on the floor to bowl through the Tiger Paws, whom he harasses all night.

6) Kid friendly, free stuff everywhere.

5) Trough-style urinals still in full-effect.

4) Great timeout and halftime entertainment – Saturday night it was a world-renowned hypnotist and I think he really did something to those kids, cause, oh, man, the girl in the orange shirt (Indian perhaps?) who was told she was a Pussycat Doll, man, I am so in love. Anyone YouTube that? Photos?

3) 17 players… 172 fingers.

2) Frank Tolbert’s indignant “come-on-ref!” hand-jives when he’s really pumped up…

1) Up by 20 or down by 20, Auburn Spirit and the fight, the passion of youth floods the court every dang game, and that more than anything makes it worth whatever the market-driven ticket pricers, who’s judgments seem based purely on anticipated demand, ask. (I was given free tickets, right at the door, to the first two games I went to; there was a sign saying “$10 bucks” at the Presbyterian game, but the old man only asked for $5, the girl next to him look puzzled; Kentucky was $20, Miss. State $15, an adventure every time!)

War Damn Eagle.

*** In his latest column, commemorating Alabama’s 1,001st National Championship, Paul Finebaum is in classic form, returning as he does to what he knows best: Sabanphilia, fetishistic insistence that Tommy Tuberville’s doesn’t care about Auburn, and sadistic, repeated analysis of Tuberville’s annual hunting trip to Arkansas, which Paul now not only credits with costing Tuberville his credibility with Auburn fans (because he should have been back home fighting the rumor Finebaum himself started about his undeniable, completely right and natural interest in the Arkansas job) but with costing Auburn recruiting glories a la Bama.

I knew it wasn’t the spread, Enrique, but you could have just told us — it was the hunting trip.

*** The 1984 Florida State game. Watch the video, it’s totally worth the 9 minutes. This “wild and woolly shootout in Doak Campbell Stadium” game was not, for some reason, televised, a fact to which Jim Fyffe in part credited his early popularity – people were so dependent upon him to color for them what turned out to, really, be an insane game, that the affection that might have taken a few more years to really set in was established and solidified in just one night. And color it he did – indeed, his call of the final touchdown is possibly my favorite ever, though the audio here does it little justice. However, Workcake’s soundtrack for the video as a whole is great. Also, you’ve gotta love Dye’s nonchalant Fonzy-styled celebration… and man, Fullwood (Bo was hurt), and Freddy Freakin’ Weygand… beautiful.


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Enemy Deserve Snow Mercy

By J. Henderson


I took my daughter to the basketball game, so we won. I’ve taken her to seven Auburn sporting events. Football. Baseball. Soccer. Basketball. We’ve won every single one. Yesterday it was #15 Ole Miss at Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum. Make that formerly #15 Ole Miss. We were bundled up. It had stopped snowing outside but inside it was snowing pain. We were taken it to’em and seriously, I thought our fans were going to leap from the bleachers and unload on the stripes because it was like those three guys had decided Frank Tolbert’s extra fingers were an unfair advantage and felt “ethically” obligated to keep the favored Rebels in the game.

Tolbert wasn’t going to let it get him down, he was all over the court, or at least so it seemed, tying a personal record with 29 points. Heard on the radio that the ‘DDitional Digit Dynamo actually sprained his ankle in Friday’s practice and was iffy for the sort of playing time he got yesterday. Coach Lebo told him it might actually be a blessing in disguise… you know, slow his game down, let him settle; if it did, Lordy, I don’t think my eyes could have focused on him if it hadn’t.


One of Tolbert’s early 3-pointers…

“I was kind of more under control tonight, so I guess that would be true. I said after I got hurt I was still going to play. It wasn’t as bad as it seemed after I’d calmed down,” Tolbert said. “I got up early this morning and came over here for treatment and treated it until game time. I just had confidence today. It was a big game, and I stayed relaxed and let the game come to me.”

And when it did, he waxed on, waxed off and crane kicked it in the face, all while guarding 6’8, 240 lb Kenny Williams, aka Shaq with a beard.


I took this with my telephoto…

All our guys were ninjas on the floor – swarming, blizzard defense and fearless shots. Early on, we couldn’t miss a three if we wanted, think we shot 53% for the whole game.

Dewayne Reed broke his career high of 20 scored in Baton Rouge on a few days prior with 21. Luke Hargrove was on fire early on. Quan Prowell only had two pts. but came up with 12 rebounds and Quantez Robertson bought the go-ahead three a drink with one minute left and got its number.

Matt Heramb was in for two minutes. Other than that, all it took was six Auburn Tigers to make us proud. Proud. Tingly. Snow not only did we escape Pearl’s Bottom-Dweller Sausage Cellar, suddenly we’re kinda sittin’ pretty in the S.E.C. West. At least sittin’ cute. War Eagle guys, seriously.


I love this guy… see him walkin’ all the time, rarely is he without a shaker… here he is shooting granny free-throws for tuition or something…

I don’t know anything about basketball. I mean, I know enough. Be Like Mike, I guess… and at first I was just going to let J.M. be my Rick Bragg – I was just going to take some pictures with my new camera, feed him the uncredited vibe and let him write his quality stuff. But we talked, I’m going for it and I hereby tell you that yesterday, I became an Auburn basketball fan. Beyond generic Auburn support, beyond designating my gift just to the general building fund, beyond only paying attention when we play Bama — a straight up fan. Invested. Tingly.

I can’t get to football season fast enough, sure, but yesterday, I found a scenic short-cut.


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The Tolbert Report

By J.M. Comer

“We’ve got to rely on ourselves and our coaches and go in there believing that we can win,” Auburn senior Frank Tolbert said. “There’s nobody out there that really thinks we can this year but us. So that’s what we’re going to roll with” (Evan Woodbery, Mobile Press Register, Jan. 10).


Frank Tolbert (far right) rolls with it.

Auburn opens its SEC schedule tonight. And it could get ugly. With a quickness.

I had hope entering this season. And I’ll be watching for something, anything, to cheer about tonight.

ESPN2 gets to document the opening jab in a season of knee-weakening blows at Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum.

Playing with seven scholarship players (thanks to ankle stress, broken left hands, ineligibility, etc.), Auburn’s mostly declawed basketball team opens SEC play against a tall, senior-filled Razorback team. Arkansas was a preseason favorite to win the SEC Western Division, but I wouldn’t count on it now. Ole Miss looks like the real deal to me after hanging with the Tennessee Volunteers last night.

What are our Tigers playing for this year? A place in the NIT? HA! Wocka! Wocka! Wocka!

I guess at this point Auburn is just hoping to show up and play at top form, hoping to catch a few teams on their worst day of the season. Seriously, looking at the horrible string of bad luck the Tigers have endured, they could be one of the worst teams in the SEC. And the SEC is weak, weak, weak this season in basketball.

The first two games are going to be tough: at home against Arkansas tonight and on the road against Florida on Saturday.

Let’s all hope that the Tigers can surprise us and their opponents.

On the flip side

How about those Auburn Tigers on the women’s basketball team heading up to visit the Lady Vols of Tennessee tonight?!

Why isn’t this game on ESPN2?

Nuts to your “It’s women’s basketball, therefore it’s boring” argument.

The women’s game is going to be the fantastic kung-pao appetizer before the disappointing main oatmeal dish later in the evening.

Instead of two unranked SEC mens teams, I would much rather watch No. 2 vs. No. 22 teams fight it out in Thompson-Boling Arena.

It is on Fox Sports Net for you lucky viewers in the Southland.

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Colonial Colonoscopy!

By J.M. Comer

Lucas Hargrove takes one of Auburn’s 180 missed 3-pointers. Photos by J.M. Comer.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the Auburn vs. George Washington men’s basketball game two days old, almost three, The War Eagle Reader gives you something that you can’t get in that Associated Press story you read 48 hours ago.

Simply said: soul. Or procrastination. This story is filled, brimming with both.

I can tell you that Coach Lebo’s Tigers have hustle and fight. They came to the Verizon Center to win. I left the game impressed.

They were outsized by the George Washington Colonials but still fought hard for rebounds, coming up with 26 compared to GW’s 31.

And turnovers? The Tigers were playing like their arms were 7 feet long, sticking their paws in and disrupting passes. They came up with 21 turnovers and gave up 15. They got 21 points from those turnovers and 12 points from fast breaks. Hooray for hustle! Huzzah for hands!

The play was a little sloppy at times for both teams, but it is early in the season.

A small group of Auburn fans behind the bench looks on as the Tigers get ready to take the court. The Tigers played the Colonials in the BB&T Classic in Washington, D.C. this past Sunday.

They need to work on their free throws, that’s for certain. I’m pointing my finger bone at Korvotney Barber and Frank Tolbert. The final score was 74-70, but it should have been 81-70. The game was closer than it should have been thanks to some missed free throws in the final few minutes.

Also something to worry about: ZERO points from the bench.

The Tigers were 3 for 18 behind the 3-point line for 16.7 percent. It felt like 3 for 180. They drained two 3-pointers in a row to start the game, but after that it was Brick City, U.S.A. The other 3-point basket came in the first five minutes of the second half. Then the 3-Point Fairy went West following the setting sun.

Hopefully, George Washington University can get its act together and win the Atlantic 10, helping an Auburn Tiger team that might be on the bubble gain some “quality win” points if it’s mulled during the Big Dance selection process.

Auburn fans populate an eagle’s perch. This small, vocal (and blurred) crowd in a mid-court section of nosebleed seats let D.C. know the pleasures of the “War Eagle” cry.

I still think it was a quality road win. A better measuring stick for the Tigers will come against West Virginia tomorrow night in Birmingham. The Mountaineers are 5-1, with their only loss by 2 points to Bruce Pearl’s Tennessee Volunteers. (Once again, I love that coach. He had me at “I am your basketball coach … and we are going to kick Florida’s ass!” There, I said it.)

If anyone goes to the game please let The War Eagle Reader in on your post-game thoughts. We’ll be watching it via ESPN360.com or ESPN2.

War Eagle!

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