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Thoughts from the West Texas observatory – Georgia

photo by Scott Filmer

photo by Scott Filmer

1992. We haven’t done anything all day. Pat Dye is in his last Georgia game but no one knows it. I’m 13. I’m in the West Stands. We’re down 14-10. It’s dark. It’s cold. No timeouts. We’re on, like, our own one. Suddenly, God boards Stan White’s manhood and he becomes a machine. Stan steers us down the field like some crazy-ass angel. It’s obvious we’re going to win. The Bulldogs are puddling into little girls, and the fans scream for what’s to come. Victory. 100 years. Eagles are flying overhead and collapsing in orgasm. We scream for the moment. Holy holy holy! We’re down to their goal line! Georgia is butter! They are women! We cannot be stopped. Twelve, eleven, ten… everyone’s lined up, we just have to hike it, we’re going to punch it in, we’re going to punch it in, we’re going to punch…

The Georgia Bulldogs, women that they are, are sitting on the ball.


They will not get up. Our guy, Bostic I guess, or maybe it was even Stan himself, on some glorious keeper, or maybe I think we bobbled the snap and Stan falls on it and the refs say “Auburn ball” and Stan has shot up like a vampire and is back on the line waiting for the refs to place it. It’s all just a formality. Go ahead throw your hands up and put the points on the board. Wait, why is the clock still running. Dad… Dad… the clock… we’re ready… why… are… they….

Stan is beside himself. He’s pleading with the refs to do their jobs. But there the Dawgs sit, lounging like Parisians … per the instruction of their “coach” … until the clock hits zero. Then they spring up like bacon’s on the stove in the locker room. They all sprint off the field, all our guys are still in our stances, pinching themselves. Stan is freaking out – I love you Stan. Dye is freaking out – I love you, Coach. The stadium itself is literally booing. Bloody arrows of puberty are screaming from my throat and into the soft necks of the refs. But there the game ends. 14-10.

“Dad,” I said, in tears, “I thought this was America.”

We walked the eight or so miles back to the car – Dad was always obsessed with parking, like, hours away. We drove back to Grandmama’s. I retreated to the soft glow of my grandfather’s office. I got out a piece of paper, I put it in his type-writer, and – fire with fire – preceded to describe the scene I had witnessed.

“Dear NCAA,” it began… “tonight I saw money change hands…”

Dad told me not to mail it. I can’t remember what I did.


Years later, out to eat, I see Housel for the second time in like, a week. First at Ruby Tuesdays, now Niffers. And so for the second time in a week, I scrawl a War Eagle or something on a napkin, hand it to a waitress, and try to stalk a friendship out of him. Maybe I even buy him a beer. He waves and he comes over. His wife, he says, is genuinely creeped out. But he’s not, War Eagle. It’s the week of the 2005 Georgia game. I tell him the story.

“I was there David, I saw it, I had good seats, West side, I had the perspective.”

He smiles.

“I think those feelings come from the perspective of your Auburn heart,” he says, poking my chest. “And mine, too.”


That’s what I was thinking about yesterday. As my gut turned. As my throat swelled. As my legs couldn’t get comfortable. My Auburn heart hurt. My Auburn heart hurts. We were supposed to win that game. Everyone saw it and felt it and saw it and knows it.

To the Auburner comments:

* Way to bring the refs, Georgia.

* Need some extra holiday cash? Officiate a Georgia game.

* We were lucky in the first half because Georgia dominated us but got no points. Georgia was lucky in the second half because the refs ran out of flags so they decided it was ok to play however they wanted.

* PLEASE someone find out who ref #11 was today and let me know.
post it on here.
give us his personal information.
i just want to send him a fruit basket or something.
and by fruit basket i simply mean hate mail and other various things representing how much i hate him and want him to die… whoops.

* For the first time in a LONG time I truly feel that the Refs cost us the game. I am normally not that kind of fan but damnit….

photo by Scott Filmer

photo by Scott Filmer

[see more photos from the game here…]

A week after that Niffers thing, Housel replied to my “nice seeing you” e-mail.

“Did you really see money change hands?”


Bama will be number one going into the Iron Bowl.

We are going to bludgeon them.

War Eagle.


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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 7.14.2008

The War Eagle Reader offers a roundup of interesting stories, questionable opinions and great comments from other team’s fans about the Auburn Tigers across the blogosphere. Also included is a roundup of news stories of interest for your afternoon reading and dissection.

News and Recruiting Roundup

Tide, Tigers battle for Georgia LB (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 14)

Mobile Press-Register releases its Elite 18 football recruits — five players are early Auburn commitments (Press-Register, July 14)

Preview of the West Virginia vs. Auburn game by W.Va. newspaper (Charleston Gazette, July 14)

Opinion: Looking into the eyes of Paul Rhoads (Cullman Times, July 12)

Let the Eagle Soar!

A collection of favorable comments and interesting articles from other blogs about the Tigers.

An undefeated 2008 for the Tigers? (Real Football 365, July 14)

A look at the West Virginia vs. Auburn game (Sunday Morning Quarterback, July 12)

Auburn will be the #1 “Biggest Surprise Team of 2008” (Bleacher Report, July 11)

“Five Reasons Florida Won’t Win the National Championship.” #5 reason is Auburn will beat them in the SEC championship game. (Bleacher Report, July 11)

Tigers Roar!

A collection of questionable comments from other blogs about the Auburn Tigers

Picks Miss. St. upsetting Auburn (Bleacher Report, July 12)

Loser With Socks says Auburn will lose 5 games in 2008 (LWS, July 11)

The hoses! The hoses! Video clip of 1986 Auburn vs. Georgia game postgame hose down (Georgia Sports Blog, July 11)

“Nothings smells worse than a wet dawg.”

The Elephants’ Empty Bleat!

Tide Nation is talking loud and sayin’ nothing.

Nothing really interesting or worth noting on Tide blogs so far this week. We’ll keep a nose to the ground.

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Quote Of The Day: 1/2/08 – Picking The Scab with Herbstreit and Georgia

By J. Henderson

“The AP should take the USC win into consideration.”

— Kirk Herbstreit on two-loss-couldn’t-beat-Stanford USC deserving to be post-season #1 in the Associated Press Poll. (I’m not positive that this quote is verbatim, but I am fairly certain that it accurately reflects the sentiment in Herbstreit’s Rose Bowl post-game comments.)

This, of course, is the same Herbstreit who reneged on his implied pledge to similarly vouch for the Auburn Tigers in 2004 were they to beat Georgia, which they did, soundly; after thrashing the Bulldogs 24-6, Herbstreit changed his mind and said Auburn still had much to prove.

Yes, the salt continues [Reggie Bush scandal] and continues [one-loss-to-Auburn Florida goes on to win the 2006 national championship] and continues to pour. Do we scream? Shriek? Write some books about it (but only when we’re really down, like Bama)? Howl it up?

Because now, two loss – two-loss LSU… two-SEC-loss-to-Kentucky-and-Arkansas LSU… is playing for the national title. This is the same LSU who jumped Southern Cal in the polls in early October to land at #1, a degree of mobility not only denied Auburn in ’04 but expressly forbidden from football logic entire.

I hope LSU wins, I hope they mop the floors with Ohio State, and I’m sure they will. If so, it will be the fourth time an SEC team has won the national title since the inception of the BCS in 1998; only one of those teams was undefeated (Tennessee in ’98). How in God’s name did it come to pass that 13-0 Auburn was kept from these ranks? How in the world are these teams allowed to lord one-loss rings and two-loss trophies over the Tigers?

Again Fate, take a look at the unstoppable force you rejected…

To add ironic insult to injury, 10-2 Georgia slaughters Hawaii of all teams, which had no business being in last night’s Sugar Bowl, and the press validates the very Bama-esque notion that a team which can’t even win its conference might, when the dust settles, be the real national champion. If this courtesy was extended to Auburn, I’m unaware of it. In fact, I believe the Auburn fans were and continue to be mostly mocked whenever they resubmit their claims, for the record and to effect a change in the system. I’m happy for the Bulldogs, but this is the same Georgia who lost to 6-6 South Carolina and was dismantled by Tennessee. And yet Georgia safety Kelin Johnson boldly proclaims “We’re No. 1. We’re supposed to be in the national championship game. The nation knows it, everyone knows it.”

So, in light of these myriad reminders of injustice and in light of our bowl performance, I have decided that, if time is supposed to heal all wounds, I’m going for a second opinion.

Calling Dr. Burns and Dr. Fannin, please report to 2008.


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(Im)Peach State(ment)

By: J.M. Comer

First, a compliment. Dogs are tight. Georgia, your bulldog has a ruggedness, a nose to the ground. Uga’s tough, stubborn and full of teeth and slobbery. It’s a good image and a fine football mascot. Also, red and black are great, serious colors symbolic of blood and dirt. Sunsets and death. Ummm … red salsa and black beans … on a cheesy, melty Mexican platter. Must stay focused!

But Georgia, your decision to call a “blackout” this weekend seems a bit desperate. “Look, we’re tougher this game with our black,” is your meek cry for attention.

The question on everyone’s mind as they file into Sanford Stadium this Saturday afternoon will be not “What will Georgia be wearing on the field of battle?” but “What does Georgia have planned for its first-touchdown-of-the-game celebration this time around?”

You’ve set the bar high Georgia with your end zone celebration in Jacksonville two weeks ago.

I’m imagining this week’s end-zone dance party will go … something … like … this …


P.A. announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, for this week’s pre-planned touchdown celebration, please direct your attention to the visitor’s end zone as our 2007 Bulldogs salute Lionel Richie’s 1986 hit ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.'”

Or …

P.A. announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, put your hands together and join your Georgia Bulldogs in the end zone for a celebration of touchdowns, 30-yard penalties and Auburn coaching rumors. Head Coach Mark Richt reunites on drums with his former cast members from Kids Incorporated as they perform ‘I’ve Heard a Rumor,’ have you?” [— Blogger’s Note. Please watch the video linked above, I know it is painful, but I’m pretty sure that is a young Richt on drums.]

Or … what if …

P.A. announcer: “And now, for your consideration Georgia fans, the Voice of the Bulldogs, Larry Munson, and his ‘Soulja Boy Revue!'”


[Thunder! Lightning! Initiate bluster, attack. Unleash the half-formed thoughts of an Auburn braggart!!!!!!]

You can pack those streamers and sparklers back in the box. Hang up the strap-on keyboard, Mark Richt. Larry Munson won’t be supermanning this week, the only thing he’ll be sticking is the cigar back into his shocked and silenced maw. Put the champaign back in the ice bucket because when your single touchdown comes, Georgia, it will come in the third quarter as the November sky darkens and the game slips away.

You haven’t faced a tough defense this entire season. Oh boy, does Auburn have something in store for you. I can’t wait actually. I’m antsy. Auburn’s going to win it, 31-13.

Yes, I realize that Georgia is playing for the SEC East title and will come into the game fired up. But really … look at this schedule and their games. What have they done this season? They beat a beat-up Tim Tebow.

And last year’s performance by Brandon Cox … I don’t know what you had on him, Georgia, but the Road Warrior will be focused (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really talking out of my ass here. Forgive me superstitious Auburn fans.) and ready. He’s playing for pride this weekend and you embarrassed him last year. It was ugly then, but great motivational tool now. It won’t happen again. Cox ain’t going out like that!

Exalted Eagle!

War Eagle!


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50 Years Ago


Auburn won 6-0 and went on to be named national champions.

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Taken with Pure Grain Assault: Rules will now be enforced at “The Capstone”

Coming nearly two weeks after University of Georgia players were pelted by Alabama students with plastic cups and glass whiskey bottles after defeating the Crimson Tide in Bryant-Denny Stadium, the University of Alabama yesterday announced a no-tolerance, three-strike policy for such behavior from it’s students.

The loss to Georgia marked the 2nd time in 6 games that Alabama fans have attempted to injure players from opposing teams by hurling debris. Auburn players were likewise assaulted at the conclusion of the 2006 Iron Bowl, which sealed Auburn’s 5th victory in a row against the arch-rival Crimson Tide.

The rules against such behavior are not new, according to a University spokesman, just the rule enforcing the rules. Breaking the (original) rules can now result in sanctions as severe as revoking a student’s ticket privileges for sporting events for the duration of his or her academic career. First offenders will also be required to attend a “Capstone Character” class; the class is likely to revolve around lessons from the lives of former and current Alabama head coaches, Paul “Bear” Bryant and Nick Saban. I’m sure passing the class will have something to do with completing 12 championship steps.

Best to still bring your umbrellas, Houston…

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Alabama Fans: The Britney Spears of College Football

By J. Henderson

This is the scene I literally ran home from Jordan-Hare in time to see.

John Elway, Jr., jubilant, sweaty, charging the man-pile of jugular-speared victory, one throw, first down, touchdown victory, adding himself, another cell, growing the organism, the tumor if you will. Celebrant after celebrant, the tumor inside the Vishnu of Sabania grows and doubles and triples upon itself. The news is shocking.

Diagnosis: mortal. How long doctor? How long until number 13? We were supposed to be married in January, we were going to have kids…

Girls cry in the stands. Men rage, angry at the universe, their breath wet and stupid. They were never supposed to lose again. Ever. Arkansas proved that.

And then comes the debris.

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