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Michigan Helmets, pretty ferosh

If Julio Jones (any relation?) taught us anything, it’s that you can commit to one school but model for another.

We all know we’re doing alright, recruiting-wise. But when you’re so to close, these sorts of stories are annoying.

The only camp that Mike Jones had a chance to attend was Auburn’s. The 6-foot-2.5, 200-pound 3 star strong safety from Orlando, has scholarship offers from Kentucky, South Florida, and Michigan but Auburn was first in line.

“It’s a real nice place,” he said. “I like (defensive end) coach Terry Price. He’s cool. He’s a hard dude, but is smart and knows how to have fun too. He also likes to talk to his players about life and stuff and not just football.”

But now Jones says Michigan is out in front… because of their helmets?.

Mike — have you seen our women?

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.21.08

*** Time to vote for Aubie again, this time so the ol’ boy can be the cover boy of EA Sports NCAA ’09 Football for the Nintendo Wii. Only once a day, yeah, yeah…


*** What Not To Wear, Bama-style: So first, it’s reported that poor Jeremy Elder was wearing, yes, a houndstooth-style Bama baseball cap while allegedly robbing two fellow Alabama students, who identified him by viewing security camera footage from, yes, Bryant Hall… and then their Singing Day Trophy Wife, testifying in a murder trial, takes it up a notch of bizarre by showing up to court in an Oklahoma sweatshirt — as in Sooners (but it’s OK, say Bama fans – he reportedly had a Bama shirt on underneath).


Overall, a pretty ferosh week for the Tide…

*** Aww hell no, Tuberville to Arkansas!

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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.12.08

*** Brandon Cox talks about life in the bloglight. Indeed, the pregnant girlfriend story was the reason I heard explaining the early-season struggles. Breathe deep and actually smell his cologne. War Eagle.

*** Tragic, curious: Julio Jones expected to testify in murder trial.

*** The Joe Cribbs Car Wash’s Arrested Development-themed interpretation of the SEC is a “Funniest Post of the Year” nominee for this year’s College Football Blogger Awards. Vote… somehow… or die!


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