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Enemy Deserve Snow Mercy

By J. Henderson


I took my daughter to the basketball game, so we won. I’ve taken her to seven Auburn sporting events. Football. Baseball. Soccer. Basketball. We’ve won every single one. Yesterday it was #15 Ole Miss at Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum. Make that formerly #15 Ole Miss. We were bundled up. It had stopped snowing outside but inside it was snowing pain. We were taken it to’em and seriously, I thought our fans were going to leap from the bleachers and unload on the stripes because it was like those three guys had decided Frank Tolbert’s extra fingers were an unfair advantage and felt “ethically” obligated to keep the favored Rebels in the game.

Tolbert wasn’t going to let it get him down, he was all over the court, or at least so it seemed, tying a personal record with 29 points. Heard on the radio that the ‘DDitional Digit Dynamo actually sprained his ankle in Friday’s practice and was iffy for the sort of playing time he got yesterday. Coach Lebo told him it might actually be a blessing in disguise… you know, slow his game down, let him settle; if it did, Lordy, I don’t think my eyes could have focused on him if it hadn’t.


One of Tolbert’s early 3-pointers…

“I was kind of more under control tonight, so I guess that would be true. I said after I got hurt I was still going to play. It wasn’t as bad as it seemed after I’d calmed down,” Tolbert said. “I got up early this morning and came over here for treatment and treated it until game time. I just had confidence today. It was a big game, and I stayed relaxed and let the game come to me.”

And when it did, he waxed on, waxed off and crane kicked it in the face, all while guarding 6’8, 240 lb Kenny Williams, aka Shaq with a beard.


I took this with my telephoto…

All our guys were ninjas on the floor – swarming, blizzard defense and fearless shots. Early on, we couldn’t miss a three if we wanted, think we shot 53% for the whole game.

Dewayne Reed broke his career high of 20 scored in Baton Rouge on a few days prior with 21. Luke Hargrove was on fire early on. Quan Prowell only had two pts. but came up with 12 rebounds and Quantez Robertson bought the go-ahead three a drink with one minute left and got its number.

Matt Heramb was in for two minutes. Other than that, all it took was six Auburn Tigers to make us proud. Proud. Tingly. Snow not only did we escape Pearl’s Bottom-Dweller Sausage Cellar, suddenly we’re kinda sittin’ pretty in the S.E.C. West. At least sittin’ cute. War Eagle guys, seriously.


I love this guy… see him walkin’ all the time, rarely is he without a shaker… here he is shooting granny free-throws for tuition or something…

I don’t know anything about basketball. I mean, I know enough. Be Like Mike, I guess… and at first I was just going to let J.M. be my Rick Bragg – I was just going to take some pictures with my new camera, feed him the uncredited vibe and let him write his quality stuff. But we talked, I’m going for it and I hereby tell you that yesterday, I became an Auburn basketball fan. Beyond generic Auburn support, beyond designating my gift just to the general building fund, beyond only paying attention when we play Bama — a straight up fan. Invested. Tingly.

I can’t get to football season fast enough, sure, but yesterday, I found a scenic short-cut.


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By J.M. Comer

… from Pearl’s SEC Cellar of Dead Meat!

Auburn won at LSU last night! Four Tigers scored in double digits and nearly a fifth, spreading the love on the court. The 3-point shooting percentage was nearly 50 percent! And how about this for a change — four of the winning Tigers spent more than 30 minutes on the court while sixth man “Cool Hand Luke” Hargrove (or “Luke the Drifter” Hargrove, you decide Tiger fans) came off the bench for relief, while the starting five of the losing Tigers all spent 30+ minutes on the court. Surely it factored into the win for Auburn.

This is a big, huge road win for Coach Jeff Lebo’s team. Lebo has a two game streak against LSU going now and has brought his overall record as the Tiger coach to an even 53-53. Get him over the hump Tigers with a big win at home against Ole Miss this Saturday!


Pearl works on the bengal, elephant sausage.

Pearl’s meat basement is now filled with Tiger meat of the Cajun variety. Also, she is perfecting a recipe for a spicy pachyderm sausage, as Alabama lost to Georgia last night.

For the love of God, Auburn, let’s not fall back into that place!

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Coach Lebo’s Weary Warriors

By J.M. Comer

The Auburn Tigers might have lost to the Arkansas Razorbacks, 76-70, last night, but I saw some promising things displayed on the court: Heart. Guts. (Isn’t “grit” part of the human body? I’m pretty sure the grit is near the gall bladder?) And a missed opportunity.

And horrible looking free white T-shirts in the stands for the “white out” (lame, lame, lame). Did they even say “Auburn” on them anywhere? I couldn’t tell. All I know is that “U.S. Army” was prominently displayed on the back of the shirts. It was hard to miss that.

Anyhooooo …

Wow. Hats off to our Auburn Tigers basketball team. (The women’s team … not so much. I was mistaken calling that one a “game.” Did I use the adjective “kung-pao”? TWER regrets the error.)

The men of Auburn won the rebound battle against a much taller, more rested hog opponent. The Tigers were busting hump all over the court last night. If they could have kept up the shooting streak they enjoyed the opening minutes, our Tigers might have won this game with a cushion.

But I drew a troubling conclusion at half-time: The smart coach on a team with the deeper bench will rotate players in and out of the game and wear the Tigers down every time. We’ll be seeing it a lot this year I’m sure.

That’s what happened last night. And Coach Jeff Lebo pegged it after the game. Those long, open baskets for the Tigers were not falling probably because of tired legs.

“Anyone who has played basketball before knows shooting begins below the waist,” Coach Lebo said. “Quan Prowell is one of our best shooters, but battling inside may be affecting his shooting. Arkansas shot the ball extremely well, finishing the game shooting 57 percent from the field. We were still able to stay in the game.”

While the Tigers’ shooting percentage dropped 10 percent in the second half, Arkansas’ jumped by almost 10 percent.

Arkansas had eight guys in the game with 10+ minutes of game time. Only two guys played more than 30 minutes total. Points from the bench: 20.

Auburn on the other hand, had seven guys in the game. Four Tigers were in for 30+ minutes (Quan Prowell, 31 minutes; DeWayne Reed, 40 minutes; Rasheem Barrett, 38 minutes; Quantez Robertson, 38 minutes). Points from the bench: 10.

But there was hustle. And I love watching hustle on the court. And by God, I’m rolling with Luke Hargrove. Dude came off the bench for 6 rebounds, a blocked shot and 10 points and was running up and down the court. He’s my guy.


Luke Hargrove, elevated over Hogs and their muck.

Auburn’s next game is in Gainesville this Saturday. There will be televised Raycom Sports coverage at 11 a.m. CST for those in watching in Alabama.

Those outside of the South can watch it on ESPN360.com if Verizon is your Internet provider (that’s how I’m able to watch Auburn games in the mid-Atlantic).

War Eagle!

Recipe! (Look for LSU corndog recipe next week.)

Blackened Gator

Farm raised gator
Butter or Italian dressing
Blackened Seasoning mix

Cut gator crosswise in half.( You want a fillet about ½ inch thick). Dip fillet in butter or dressing to coat. Then sprinkle both sides evenly with mix. Cook on white hot skillet until done, approx. 2-3 mins each side until crispy. Serve with lemon or butter if desired.

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