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Coaching Stars Fell From Alabama

 (Or should it have been “Lone Stars Poach From Alabama”? Comments?)

Even after the fact — even when they headline like they do (the last quote is my fave) — The Austin American-Statesman has no explanation for the Muschamp adventure.

The Applewhite sitch seems to be a no-brainer… and the Texas connection has little to do with it.


(h/t/a/t/s BleacherReport)

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Quote Of The Day – 1.15.08: You Don’t Win No Championships at Texas

“Oh, wow. A little (upsetting). I would’ve loved to have Applewhite. If he wants to win championships, and I know Applewhite does, then he’ll stay. You don’t win no championships at UT, man. You win championships at UA. But he’s got to do what he’s got to do.”

— Alabama commit Damion Square on news of Bama offensive coordinator Major Applewhite’s apparently imminent departure for the University of Texas.

Square, who is actually from Texas (Houston), is assumed to have been in a coma from September of 2005 through the end of January, 2006.



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