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Thoughts from the West Texas observatory – Ole Miss

Can’t really remember much of anything. Proud the way we came out in the second half. I think Kodi is improving, despite the interceptions. Here’s how the rest of the season is going to go down, in case you were wondering.

We struggle against UT-Martin but eventually win by like, three touchdowns. We beat Georgia with turnovers. Bama makes it out of Baton Rouge. They pull a Bama win against Miss. St. with some fluke, but get banged up. We go into Tuscaloosa and beat them by 10 or more. Bama loses their last three. They get split in two by Tebow in the SEC championship game and go on to whatever bowl and lose in a squeaker. We go on to whatever bowl and win in a really good game that gets a lot of media coverage for some insane play. ’08 gets pressed into the books as 9-5.

Tuberville – I can’t even believe I’m bringing it up – goes nowhere. I’ll be honest. In the midst of the Franklin trauma, I caught myself in a one second day dream about what it might be like with…

But he’s owned up to it and I think he’s learned from it. Honestly, I think he could have two seasons like this and come back for a third. I think he’s earned it. I love him. Sue me.

Finally, remember the streaking thing? TWER’s most popular post ever? Well, there’s a separate blog for that sort of thing now. Spread the word.

War Eagle.


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The Best Things Come…

We clicked, we waited… he finally delivered.

An LSU seven-layer wrap-up. Or five layers, and with the choicest ingredients… (keep in mind, a series)

Now we can move on, heal, thrill… and, as the Auburner puts it, beat the crap out of Ole Miss. War Eagle.

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