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Toomer’s Rumors and Boomers – 2.25.08


Dean James Foy, 90, sings the Auburn Fight Song during yesterday’s presentation of the ODK Trophy which bears his name, the man can wail. Photo by Frank Couch.

*** Kind of an awesome Auburn weekend: Auburn’s swimming and diving teams, both the men’s and women’s, extend their exclusive patent on water with two more SEC titles… Auburn’s baseball team opens its season with three wins over East Tennessee State… we beat Bama soundly in basketball as Dean Foy, in the way only he can, exults in the unprecedented glow of six football wins in a row and Coach Tuberville lays down lines like: “Regardless of what you’ve read or heard, we will have a football team next year. We’ve won six and we’re working on seven. War Eagle!”…


Photo by Frank Couch

… we get what seems to be a very solid commitment from what seems to be a very solid player in defensive end Terrance Coleman, nephew of the great Antonio… and then we get to see that yes, Auburn will have a football team next year, a fast, exciting team.

*** Along those lines, I was there, there for the practice, most of it (couldn’t afford the basketball game, ahem). It was a sweet flash of huddle-less hyperactivity; those boys will be nothing if not in shape for it was quite literally non-stop. Some observations… Tony Franklin, if that was even him, looks far different from the photos we’ve seen, but that’s what you want in an offensive genius: shape shifting… Mario Fannin can break chains with a flex… Paul Rhoads will be popular amongst his players… Kodi, as we all know, can chunk the ball.


Excitement quietly ruled the afternoon. The sun set. The smell of cut grass lingers. Click here for my incredible photo odyssey…

*** 8th Bama player arrested in 14 month Saban-era: Joining the ranks or recent Tide team leaders Juwan Simpson, and Simeon Castille, Alabama safety, Rashad Johnson, a team captain, was arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting a security guard for a Tuscaloosa bar, the second player arrest in a week. Is this even news any more? I’ve often wondered how life changes for the everyday Tuscaloosans dealt into these fiascoes; almost certainly Bama fans themselves, do the once-anonymous cops, the bruised bar bouncers, the robbed at gun-point classmates, struggle with their fanhood, their fanliness, after the fact, knowing that fate forced them to help heap even more ignominy on the University of Alabama’s football program?


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