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Project End Zone: Authentic, Mysterious…

Kate O’Neil’s phone has been ringing off the hook all morning with calls from Alabama area-codes, all for naught.

O’Neil is the producer for Authentic Films… just not the Authentic Films that recently partnered with the Auburn ISP Sports Network  to produce “Hard Knocks: Auburn” “Auburn Football: Every Day…,” a documentary series about, that’s right, Auburn football.

AuburnFootballDocumentary“It’s a great idea for schools,” she says. “I wish we were doing it.”

So likely did any Auburn fans who checked out the Cleveland-based group’s website: the creative forces behind  documentaries of people running across America and mockumentaries on film school culture could surely have crafted the stretch Hummer of football reality television – Auburn’s latest headline-hungry move in Recruiting 2.0.

Not that the Authentic Films that is on the clock can’t, it’s just that no one – O’Neil included – seems to know anything about them: the only result of a Google search for “Authentic Films” + the names of the men Auburn lists as the company’s founders is the press release from the university.

“I have no ideal who they are,” O’Neil says. “If you find out, tell me, so I can pass along the messages.”

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