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Bulldog With a Whip

By J.M. Comer

We deserve every lash of your whip, Mr. Bulldog.



Will this pain cleanse us?



Ummm. Actually, it just hurts. Stop. Please.

Have we Auburn fans learned nothing? Auburn wins a few games and I start trumpeting our defense as the best in SEC history. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I made fun of the Georgia Bulldogs black jerseys and the black, boiling mob of madness that would fill Sanford Stadium.

It’s all to very obvious to me now: It isn’t a gimmick if it works.

So many Auburn fans and blogs made fun of the black jerseys (The War Eagle Reader included) and some commented that it was fitting for Georgia to wear black because it would be their funeral (or some such variation of those words). But think about it (I didn’t until now just), that last time you last attended a funeral, was the actual person being buried wearing black? Probably not. It is the attendees of the funeral who wear the black. Since the University of Georgia was operating the cemetary backhoe this past Saturday … I guess it was appropriate.

I love the scene in “This Is Spinal Tap” when the guys visit Elvis’ grave. I thought of it this morning.

Warning: strong, funny language.

Derek Smalls: “This is thoroughly depressing.”

Nigel Tufnel: “It really puts perspective on things though doesn’t it?”

David St. Hubbins: “Oh. Too much. There’s too much f_______ perspective now.”

‘Too much … perspective’

It was an impressive, sickening scene as the fourth quarter opened Saturday. The score stood at 31-20 and Sanford Stadium shook. The black wave rolled and roared in the stands. It was electric, and the Bulldogs bounced on the sideline and fed from chaos around them. I think this YouTube clip says it all.

The Georgia fan taping the scoreboard starts screaming with glee and terror. The camera shakes as the fan falls through darkness, a maddening descent, and lands among the chaotic red shakers of Hell in the stadium’s field-level seats. Was David Lynch at the game Saturday?

What happened after the fourth quarter began? It gets hazy in my memory. I walked away from the television in anguish several times. It hurt. It was ugly.

Take it in Tiger fans. We should all be embarrassed. Let it fuel your hate, your anger. But it is time to focus on THE only goal left in this season of ups and downs. What does it mean to be a fan of the Auburn Tigers? What do we strive for, yearn for? Winning SEC championships? HA! It’s beating Bama. It’s always been about beating Bama.

Welcome to Alabama: The Croomed State!

Oh, and the University of Alabama lost to Mississippi State on Saturday. As the game against Georgia opened, it felt that even if Auburn lost the game it wouldn’t be so bad because of the Bama loss. Oh God, that is flawed thinking.

Alabama and Auburn are now both unranked and unloved. A few weeks ago it felt like the Iron Bowl would actually mean something this year, but both teams blew it. The game will probably pit two 7-4 teams.

Phillip Marshall’s Tracking the Tigers reports that CBS has dropped the game like yesterday’s dog turd. ESPN has picked it up as the primetime game. Kickoff has been set for 7 p.m. EST.

The Iron Bowl at night. In Auburn.

War Eagle!

If you’s an Auburn Tigers fan throw your hands up!

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