RTRinWVA = Not Obsessed With Auburn

Forrest, a reader, went to the West Virginia game. He wrote us an e-mail:

Right before the game started, four Bama fans, all in red, showed up and sat about 10 rows in front of us. They tried all game to start a fight with the 1000 or so Auburn fans sitting in the next section. I included the pictures and maybe you can write something about how retarded you must be to go to your rival’s away non-conference game.

Thanks a million, Forest… but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Hmmm. I stared. T’was speechless. They’re powerful images. The faces, the tongue, the sunglasses at night, the ______ stains, the genes, the Randy Quaid….

But what was it about them…

Then it hit me: it’s as if four dudes decided all spur of the moment to Dick or Treat as Bammer stereotypes. Even the sign looks costume. If there was ever a contest for the Bammerish of Bammers, surely these prom kings would make the finals. Are you guys real?

Remember what I said about our one game… I wasn’t talking UT Martin.



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6 responses to “RTRinWVA = Not Obsessed With Auburn

  1. Pretty poor excuses for costumes. There’s not one mullet in the bunch.

  2. The game was fun until we stopped scoring and couldn’t tackle Noel Divine. The Bammer Fans told me before the picture that they drove from T-Town just to make sure WVU cheered loud enough to get a win over us. The Auburn fans started a “SEC” cheer when we were winning at half and that was quickly turned against us in the second half when WVU took the lead and all the momentum.

    War Eagle


  3. The guy second from the right looks like Kid Rock… on meth.

  4. weaglevita

    I went with the band up to Morgantown, and I am going to have to say that was one of the most classless fanbases I have seen, and I’ve been to LSU, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Miss State, and Ole Miss. Flicking us off, mocking us, cussing us out, chanting “Gator Bait” (huh?), chanting “Roll Tide”, throwing things…we even had a West Virginia cameraman make fun of us for wanting a flag on a delay of game. I would be ashamed to be associated with that school after that trip. Just flat out terrible fans.

  5. Are those drool stains on the shirt of the loud mouth in the foreground?

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